Come try out for Stanford Mock Trial!!!

Tryouts happen at the beginning of each academic year.

First, come by our table at the activities fair! It's a great opportunity to meet us, and ask any questions you may have. Then come to either our info-session or office hours. Then come tryout.

Tryouts are your chance to show us your stuff: during your initial 10-minute audition, we look to get a sense of your SMT-relevant skills. You’ll have an opportunity to audition as an attorney and/or a witness. We recommend you try both. Most people on SMT plays an attorney and a witness at some point during their careers here. For attorneys, we'll look for a well-crafted argument, strong logic, and confident presentation. For witnesses, we're seeking performers. Don't be afraid to make a bold choice! Show your range! SMT provides unique academic and creative opportunities for anyone who joins--and we hope to see you at tryouts!